Gas Boiler Replacement

Do you need help with a gas boiler replacement?

The gas boiler is the most popular boiler in the UK and they work in the same way as any other boiler, the difference being that they are powered by natural gas. Since 2005, gas boilers had to be condensing, which means they now have a Flue Gas Recovery System which stops the heat from being wasted and going out of the flue pipe.

If you’re thinking of replacing your existing gas boiler or are weighing up your options on what is best for you, here are some positives to consider when investing in a gas boiler:

  • Save money in the long run
  • Help the environment
  • Get hot water on demand
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • So, how can we help?

    At Warmshires our experienced, trained and professional team can be on hand to help you with your gas boiler replacement or installation. We have the skills, knowledge and positive attitude to work with just about anything that is asked of us, and we are certain we can help you.

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